Solar Chargers and Batteries

Accelerating Energy Transformation With Efficiency

We offer battery storage solutions and solar panel installation to help businesses generate their own renewable energy and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.

The recent sharp reduction in solar electricity costs has altered the energy options for many businesses and policymakers around the world. We provide guidance to our clients while they invest in energy technology that considerably cuts carbon emissions while making a profit is currently a feasible consideration for many businesses.

Rapid technology advancements in inverters, storage, and solar modules have had a substantial impact on LCOE decrease over time, creating a business case for solar and related installations.

Solar coupled with a battery energy storage solution offers greater flexibility and grid independence in the delivery of energy while enabling a faster transformation across the energy value chain. Over the past two years, the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) for battery energy storage systems has more than halved, making the case for energy storage much stronger than before.


Over the past few years, INFOCOM LTD has been purposefully pursuing a policy of switching to alternative types of energy. But in connection with the growth of electricity consumption, with an increase in peak loads on the power grid and with an increase in the cost of electricity, we thought about creating an ENERGY ACCUMULATION and STORAGE SYSTEM.

Tasks of the ENERGY ACCUMULATION and STORAGE system:

Basic system parameters:

Elements of a container system solution for energy storage from INFOCOM LTD:

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