Opening The Door To Energy Transition

Energy Unit AS assist organizations to transform their carbon and energy strategies to improve their corporate culture and meet sustainability goals.

Who We Serve

Energy Units, we serve a wide range of businesses and organizations that are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their energy efficiency. Whether you’re a large manufacturing company, a busy commercial business, or a logistics and transportation provider, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Energy-Intensive Industries

• Steel and metal manufacturing
• Oil and gas refining
• Chemical production
• Paper and pulp production
• Construction and building services
• Logistics and transportation
• Heavy industry and marine operations


Commercial Businesses

• Large office buildings
• Retail chains
• Restaurants and hospitality
• Healthcare facilities

individuals and small businesses

We are also proud to help individuals and small businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency.

Welcome To Energy Unit

In three words, we can define this company as:  Groundbreaking, Comprehensive and Transformative.

We are a Norwegian-based firm with – years of experience in energy control, energy markets, carbon strategy, and corporate culture change. We learn about your business, understand your needs, and work as an extension of your team to set and reach your energy and carbon goals.

How we do it

Tailored Sustainability Services

We offer paid, customized services to help companies manage their energy usage, reduce carbon emissions, and meet their ESG goals.

Expert Support

Our team provides comprehensive support to ensure successful implementation and understanding of energy usage and carbon emissions.

Verified Results

With our partnerships, we verify the results of our customers' sustainability initiatives and ensure they meet best practices and goals.

Ongoing Assistance

We offer transparent reporting and ongoing support to help companies optimize their sustainability efforts and meet evolving ESG targets.

What We Offer

We offer our customers with the knowledge of their greenhouse gas emissions and how to reduce them with our expertise and promote measurable progress to improve culture and savings.

Environmental Services Energy Unit

Environmental Services

We provide solutions to a modern pathway that leads to a net-zero and sustainable energy future. Our solutions to clean energy transition offer businesses the opportunity to drive their energy systems towards greater reliability and beneficial impact to the planet.

Solar Panel Energy Unit

Solar Chargers and Batteries

We provide solar electricity solutions to alter the energy options for many businesses, reduction in carbon emission through solar power technology and solar coupled with battery that enables faster information value chain.

Chargers Energy Unit

EV Chargers

We offer smart infrastructure fleet management solutions for electric vehicle charging. This also reduces end-to-end cost per mile and carbon impact on the environment.

Automation Energy Unit


In association with INFOCOM Ltd. we offer automation and engineering services to leverage technology for data collection, analysis, and reporting for ESG-related matters.

Renewable Energy Unit

Renewable Energy

We offer our clients renewable and low-carbon options through renewable diesel, biogas, and other alternatives in order to reduce the world’s dependency on fossil fuels, keep carbon emissions low and help deal with climate change.

Energy Unit provides solution for a better future

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and develop custom solutions that are tailored to their unique requirements. We use the latest technology to ensure maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and we’re committed to providing the highest level of customer service.

For years, we have assisted organizations with energy education and helped them implement the structural adjustments required for a more environmentally friendly approach to energy and carbon. We combine our understanding of energy markets with our expertise in energy and carbon management to help clients more toward environmental sustainability through profitability and competitiveness, not at their expense.





Our Net Zero advisory team will help you measure your impact and understand the sensitivity of your business to carbon pricing.



We help you to set emission reduction targets and work out how to achieve them practically.



We have a diverse portfolio of emission reduction projects of different natural and technical solutions, from all around the world.



We guide and help our clients communicate about their sustainability efforts simply, clearly and effectively.

STRIVE TO act reduce zero adapt

The top 5 frequently asked question

Decarbonization, decentralization and digitization are a modern pathway that can lead organizations to a net-zero and sustainable energy future. It offers businesses the opportunity to drive their energy systems towards greater reliability and develop a positive impact on the environment.

Reducing the environmental impact of your organization’s activities presents an enormous opportunity to play a crucial leadership role and reap significant business benefits.

An interdependent loop of industry, government, public and financial institutions can work together to drive a fundamental change to save the planet and societies.


Energy Unit AS has identified major environmental issues that are being caused by industrial pollution and need to be fixed by the industries. Technology has made it possible for the organization to come up with innovative ideas and provide viable solutions to save energy, reduce gas emissions, and report ESG-related matters. We believe that the industry’s environmental performance must be monitored, assessed, and measured accurately, and solutions must be created for processes like planning, production, and commercialization. Additionally, measuring and reporting emissions can be a challenge, but we believe we have a solution.

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Re-imagining energy use and carbon emissions can seem like a daunting challenge for any business. It’s time to act. But how does your business know what to do and where to begin? That is where Energy Unit AS can help.

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