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It’s time for businesses to act on reducing their carbon footprint. Energy Unit AS can help you re-imagine your energy use and carbon emissions, providing the solutions and guidance you need to get started.



Partnering with Energy Management Experts

We also have a Ukrainian engineering partner company INFOCOM Ltd. with 25+ years of experience in the market, 1000+ completed projects worldwide, 190+ employees and are certified Siemens Solution Partner, Industry Software Partner, and SIVACON Technology Partner.

INFOCOM Ltd. is setting the bar when it comes to logistics, unmanned technologies, and vision systems. They are the leading providers for the implementation of international projects for the automation of infrastructure facilities, the development of material flow accounting, the transition to an alternative form of energy, and IT technologies for industrial automation. The competencies of INFOCOM Ltd are certified by world’s leader of solutions for automation and digitalization:

+ SIEMENS Solution Partner in the following sectors:
+ SIEMENS Industry Software Partner
+ SIVACON Technology Partner

INFOCOM ltd expertise:

More information about INFOCOM itd

Our Approach

We strive to be innovative and utilize the best available technology and research to reduce emissions. By linking research to practice, we aim to create a sustainable future through collaboration between academia and business.

Our Values


You get exactly what you see. We are transparent as a company. We have no hidden agendas and no conflicts of interest.


To achieve tangible and measurable financial success for us and our customers.


We empower our customers through our solutions to achieve and excel in their desired outcomes.


To take a holistic approach to help companies make sustainable choices in production.


We are consistent with our words and actions. We treat others with respect, honesty, and truthfulness.


We fulfill our responsibilities to assure the success of our team and of our customers.

Our Vision

To harness markets for a secure and healthy future by providing energy and carbon guidance, market strategies, and innovative solutions to meet the challenges of climate change.

Our mission

To create a sustainable and eco-friendly future by linking research to practical solutions through collaboration between academia and business. Our goal is to give our customers the tools and information needed to reduce energy consumption and their carbon footprint, leading to a net-zero, sustainable energy future.

Our Management

We are a tight-knit team focused on transforming the energy future for human progress. Our team with energy expertise & customized purchasing strategies, is driven to make renewable the convention and create better today and tomorrow for our people and the planet.

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