EV Chargers

Fastest and Smartest Way to Charge Your Electric Vehicle

Our partners in this direction are UGV Chargers company ugv.csk.

UGV Chargers is a manufacturer of charging stations for electric vehicles with its own production in Slovakia and Ukraine. The company’s specialists design and manufacture EV charging stations, developing software and mobile applications. We provide and install EV charging stations for businesses, allowing them to attract and retain environmentally conscious customers.

The company offers an innovative IT solution for managing charging stations in small locations (private parking, company parking, residential complexes) and a full cycle system for commercial use of charging stations.

Our software solution reduces the end-to-end operation’s cost per mile and carbon impact.

In addition to reducing the load on the grid, a combination of battery-buffered charging with solar PV energy storage we offer solutions to quick charging rates without the need to modify existing grid connections and increase system flexibility.

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